What's the best powerlifting deadlift socks you have used

I was done deadlifting for a while and recently I started doing it all over again. But it is getting tough this time. My shin is giving me a terrible pain every time I do it and even though I have never used a deadlift socks in the past but maybe it is the right time to invest in one.

So, can anyone help me out in choosing the right socks? I need to know how I can translate the socks size into the shoe size and this might sound weird but since I have never used metal squat shoes, I don’t know if I have to wear them with shoes or without shoes.

I request if you guys can brief me and give me some information about the deadlift socks.
I have tried soccer socks but for deadlifts, I feel they are simply a waste of money because they are of no use. You can consider buying Rehband deadlift shin guards and maybe use knee sleeves.
This is the trick I use – I wear soccer socks with duct tape running down your shins. Personally I have found that it causes less friction in your shin area.
Here are some useful links that will help you decide what you actually need to buy:

Shin guards: http://prowriststraps.com/inc/search...=shin&n=216086
Knee Sleeves: http://prowriststraps.com/inc/search...eeves&n=603512
Knee Sleeves: http://www.jackalsgym.com/store.aspx?prod_id=RH-KS

Check them out and see which one of them would work for you.
Thank you so much for the links and I do have EFTS knee sleeves but I am afraid that since they are thick they might get caught in the bar. I have an inkling towards shin guards and but I searched online and found that they are a little bit more pricey than the DL socks.
I think you can deadlift with normal socks without being so scared. It is in no way going to harm you. I don’t understand the reason why you are going around looking for alternatives.
If it is soccer socks that you want for this purpose, I suggest you take a look in Walmart because I saw soccer socks for good reasonable rates there last week. I don’t remember the exact pricing since I did not need it but the ones from there will also serve your purpose.
I have used deadlift socks and I had very high hopes pinned on to it. But it did not work as I expected. So, rather than spending money on these, I suggest you use soccer socks or may not use socks at all. I say this because I stopped using socks and I actually started feeling better
I picked up a few socks by Under Armor, the long ones and if you feel the need, you can put a strip of athletic tape on your shin. That would serve as an additional protection for you.
Right now I am actually thinking of doing that instead of spending more money on those metallic socks because I don’t even know if I will be comfortable in them and what if like previously I might get used to the whole thing.
People might ask you to do daring things like to go ahead without socks and things like that but you know your body’s condition. So, act accordingly! Please do not let your shins take a beating.

If you feel you need to wear soccer socks or deadlift socks, please go ahead and do it rather than being not able to do anything later because of an injury