Wendy’s 50 nuggets for 10 dollars

Isn’t this new offer at Wendy’s great?? I was amazed to see that you get 50 nuggets for just $10. Isn’t that like awesome?? I wish KFC too gave away such offers. This is do damn cheap man!!

But I have never eaten at Wendy’s! So, can someone please tell me if giving away my $10 is actually gonna be worth it or will the taste of the nuggets prove otherwise?

Suggestions are most welcome!
Even if I am starving, I think the nuggets at Wendy’s is gonna be my last choice. I would even feed that stuff to my cat. It is that horrible. No wonder they are giving it away so cheap! Please do not fall for it. My advise would be even if you spend $10, spend it on something else that you might relish not on some crap like this!
Is that so?? I felt so good about the offer and was eager to try it but you don’t seem to have a good opinion about it at all.
Yes you are right! I would never have it because I don’t want to be feeding my stomach garbage. And I don’t have a good opinion about it because it is not good at all.
That is not completely true!! I have tried their spicy nuggets and they were good. It is not that bad. You can definitely eat it. It is not so bad that you have to give it away to your pets.
Let me tell you with the 10 bucks you pay for that shit you are gonna get some 10 shitty diarrhea. I wonder if they actually use chicken to make them.
I have had Wendy’s spicy nuggets and they are edible but the other ones are not. So, if at all you want to have nuggets from Wendy’s, go in for their spicy ones.
Are you seriously recommending spicy nuggets?? I wouldn’t! They of course taste great but they put you through hell the next morning when they come out. I personally feel you have much better options than Wendy’s which wouldn’t do a world of harm to your stomach.
That’s true!! Even when you eat junk, you want it to be a happy experience right. But if you eat at Wendy’s, it is just gonna be the opposite. The spicy nuggets definitely feels delicious but I don’t think your intestines find them to be that good.
Phew mannn!!! 20 cents for a nugget! That’s totally cool, especially for a student like me! I would definitely go for it and I think at this age my stomach can definitely take it.
I heard that it sells so cheap because it is actually made from chicken brains and liver and not the flesh or the breasts. Isn’t that gross!!! I wouldn’t want to pay $10 and eat crap like these.

I would prefer to pay a little bit extra for something better.


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I don’t know about Wendy’s but Mc Donald’s chicken nuggets are my favourite in the world. I could have a 100 of them in one go and skip my meals for it.
The place where I live I do not gave Wendy’s and I would definitely love to try out their nuggets. They are quite reasonable. If you want to get 50 nuggets in the area where I live you may have to pay somewhere around $30 or even more.
I wonder how they count those 50 nuggets!! Do they literally physically count those 50 nuggets when you buy them? Or do they have some robo or gadget to do that?
Ohh, no they don’t count it every time you buy them. They already have it packed in frozen packets and they have a deep fryer basket too to fry the 50 nuggets.
Ohhh, so they are frozen is it?? I wonder how good it would taste compared to the fresh ones. I thought they give the fresh ones. Frozen ones can we not always buy at the stores. But 50 nuggets for $10 is still good.