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    What is the strongest pre-workout stimulant

    I have tried out different types of pre-workout but none of them have been able to give me that instant boost of energy. I feel the strongest I have taken till date is Mr Hyde. In spite of taking 2 large scoops of it, I feel I am highly tolerant and it does nothing to me. Let me also tell you...
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    Ice cream fitness 5x5 process, progress & results discussion

    I want to build my muscles and improve my stamina and strength and I am considering changing my workout to Ice Cream Fitness, 5x5 one. The reviews of the program are good and many people are positive about it. A gist of the program, Ice Cream Fitness Novice 5x5 Full body is as follows: Workout...
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    Average mile time - what's the average time to run a mile

    I need to achieve a few fitness goals by next month and one of them is a good mile time. For the same reason I would like to know the average time a good runner takes to finish a mile. I have kept my target as 5 minutes to complete one mile. Am I taking too much time or am I overestimating...