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    Are Walmart rotisserie chicken calories ok & used for weight loss

    In my opinion you should take some time out and go in for something freshly made in the morning as this could seriously spoil your stomach over time. Eat fresh chicken, fresh veggies instead of such good for nothing ones. You will definitely start seeing the difference in your body. All these...
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    Bought Ezekiel flax sprouted whole grain bread at Walmart – why so expensive

    I have been buying Ezekiel’s bread and I never bought it for $4.49. It is not that pricey. I think the super markets might be charging more for whole foods like these. I usually get mine from Trader Joe’s or it is available at a reasonable cost at any organic food shop. Try buying it from there...
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    Nutrition is green tea acidic or alkaline?

    In my experience, green tea is the only beverage (aside from water) that I can drink without taking medication or Prelief pill. I have interstitial cystitis and the symptoms can be triggered by the alkaline and acidity factor of the foods and drinks that I consume. Whenever I eat or drink just...