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    How do I increase my appetite

    I shall definitely try but I am not so fond of chocolates either. I hope god can do some miracle for me, making me love food but not too much. I don’t want to be writing the next thread asking tips to reduce my appetite because I have become obese. Lol!!!
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    How do I increase my appetite

    Brooo, I have never had Nutella till now. I do not even know how it tastes. But now that you said I shall definitely give it a try.
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    GOMAD diet for weight gain review

    Is it necessary that one needs to take only full fat milk? Why not the low fat or skimmed milk? Aren’t such huge amounts of fat consumption every day bad for the body?
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    How do I increase my appetite

    Dude, I am jealous of you. I really wish I could put on some weight and eat good food and most importantly enjoy the food I am eating.
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    How do I increase my appetite

    I am 20 year old and my weight should be 68kgs which is far less than ideal for my height. If I manage to become at least 80kgs, I would be more than happy. There ought to be some method by which I can gain that amount of weight; some way in which I can increase my appetit
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    How do I increase my appetite

    Most people have issues suppressing their appetite but my problem is just the opposite. I have been a very poor eater ever since childhood and my mom always thought things would get better once I grow up. But, nothing has changed till now and I am still the same. I find it difficult to eat. To...
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    Reviews of c4 pre workout supplements from walmart

    I love the fruit punch flavour maybe because I am a fruity person and yes it has been quite helpful for me with my workout sessions. When I was not on the powder, I used to feel all tired and fatigued really soon but the powder has worked magic on me. It’s the other way round now and I just...
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    Nutrition Is Vitamin D water soluble or fat soluble ?

    There are two types of vitamins, fat soluble vitamins (which Vitamin D is) and water soluble vitamins like Vitamin C. You should be careful of fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, E, and K as it may be possible to overdose on them and then they become toxic.
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    Fitness Side effects of multivitamin shots

    Multivitamin side effects include headache, upset stomach, or an unpleasant or unusual taste in your mouth. Those that I have mentioned are less serious and very manageable. But there may be instances that a person may experience signs of allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing, swelling...
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    Nutrition Ensure Plus for weight gain Reviews

    How I wish that I can have stomach bacteria too so that I can lose weight. LOL. Just kidding! :p From what I know of Ensure Plus, it is used mostly by old people to get the nutritional needs that they are not able to get anymore from food. My friend’s grandpa is forbidden to eat a lot of food...
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    Nutrition Vitamin D 50000 iu once a week as deficiency treatment

    Hello. I just felt the need to share this with you. If you would refer to the chart, it indicates there the Vitamin D dosages for various conditions. So depending on what kind of illness you...
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    Fitness What does GI stand for?

    Hello Jeezy! I am not so good at explaining things so I will just leave this link here: The writer of the article was able to give a clear explanation of what Glycemic Index is and why it is important that we use it when we want to prepare healthy meals.
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    Nutrition Wheatgrass Tea Health Benefits Discussion

    Wheatgrass is considered to be a superfood. It possesses great nutrient density. I think there is no other food that has all that many nutrients compacted in one source. Compared to other food sources, wheatgrass has more nutrients in the same amount of space. It’s like taking a supplement...