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    What is the strongest pre-workout stimulant

    Well, since you recommend doing it for 10 days, I shall do that. Go completely off any kind of stimulants for 10 days and see if that works for me. I just hope it does. Thank you so much everyone for your responses. It really helped me decide.
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    What is the strongest pre-workout stimulant

    Ohh, is that so?? Is it stronger than Hyde?
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    Ice cream fitness 5x5 process, progress & results discussion

    I see, so everyone here has a good opinion about this program. I have taken my cues from what you guys have said and will soon start off with this program. Thanks a lot for letting me know!
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    What is the strongest pre-workout stimulant

    I have never tried a complete stimulant but I doubt if that will actually work. The maximum caffeine I have had till now is 1.4kmg which is quite a lot and that itself couldn’t do much. But right now I am looking for something that could be stronger than Hyde because I find that it doesn’t have...
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    What is the strongest pre-workout stimulant

    I have tried out different types of pre-workout but none of them have been able to give me that instant boost of energy. I feel the strongest I have taken till date is Mr Hyde. In spite of taking 2 large scoops of it, I feel I am highly tolerant and it does nothing to me. Let me also tell you...
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    trader joe's whey protein powder reviews

    I am hearing about this Trader’s Joe for the first time. I think I did happen to see it in a supermarket nearby but I am not sure if it is the same thing. If its good, then I would definitely want to give it a try.
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    gnc beyond raw supplements review

    I do not have very high regards for the product but I must say it is a decent one. It helps me get through my work outs and keeps me going. A good thing is I do not get tired having it. It tastes all right too. In totality, I would say there is still a huge scope for improvement.
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    Ice cream fitness 5x5 process, progress & results discussion

    I want to build my muscles and improve my stamina and strength and I am considering changing my workout to Ice Cream Fitness, 5x5 one. The reviews of the program are good and many people are positive about it. A gist of the program, Ice Cream Fitness Novice 5x5 Full body is as follows: Workout...
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    Are Lats workouts Back or Shoulders exercise

    What I am trying to convey here is the lats are definitely on the back but when you workout they primarily work at the shoulder joint. As per sources, "The latissimus dorsi is a strong extensor, internal rotator, and adductor of the glenohumeral joint." Also, it is an accepted fact that although...
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    Are Lats workouts Back or Shoulders exercise

    The lats actually work for both. i am saying this because the shoulders are a part of our backs as well. As per the textbook used in my kinesiology class, the list of shoulder muscles are as below: coracobrachialis biceps brachaii triceps brachaii lats delts pec major rotator cuff muscles teres...
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    Are Lats workouts Back or Shoulders exercise

    If you talk about it technically, the lats are for the back as well as the shoulders as it helps both. So, do not hesitate thinking it is for either one of them. Go ahead with it. It is only gonna do good for your health.
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    Average mile time - what's the average time to run a mile

    I need to achieve a few fitness goals by next month and one of them is a good mile time. For the same reason I would like to know the average time a good runner takes to finish a mile. I have kept my target as 5 minutes to complete one mile. Am I taking too much time or am I overestimating...
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    Fitness Is eating rump steak good for you? healthy or fattening?

    Hello, I think pork can replace beef unless you don't want to eat it for some reason.Almost all cuts of pork except for one or two are lean.Another advantages with fork is that fat is found on the outer side rather than on the inside and can be removed easily like a peel.Depending on the way you...
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    Nutrition St John's Wort for Anxiety

    I have taken this on and off for almost a year. In my attempts to treat my social anxiety and depression, I toggle between taking this and trying something else that might work. There are some improvements with my mood and anxiety but not really that significant. Right now I am taking 5 HTP and...