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    calories and nutrition in 6 oz chicken breast

    I too ordered for a food scale and once it arrives I will know exactly what is going inside my stomach.
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    Wendy’s 50 nuggets for 10 dollars

    Let me tell you with the 10 bucks you pay for that shit you are gonna get some 10 shitty diarrhea. I wonder if they actually use chicken to make them.
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    calories and nutrition in 6 oz chicken breast

    I know that all chicken breasts may not be the same. So, just to be on the safer side shall I put 32g of protein and let the app calculate that way? I think that would be better. If it happens to be more, then good for me!
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    60 calories in 2oz turkey breast-how many slices of turkey is 2oz

    One weird way of doing it is have a big pile of turkey and weight yourself soon after. And then you can subtract that from your initial weight. And that’s your answer!! Lol!! Just kidding…
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    calories and nutrition in 6 oz chicken breast

    I have two grilled chicken breasts on a daily basis, one as a mid-morning snack and the other for post lunch snack. It totally comes up to 6oz. I load this info in my fitness app and it tells me that I have had 48g of protein. But I have my own doubts about it. Could that be true? I want to make...
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    Creatine monohydrate loading results - in 1 month?

    It is always better that you load good amounts because you will be able to see faster results that way. Good luck!
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    Nutrition Does apple cider vinegar cure and remove genital warts?

    I used apple cider vinegar for my genital warts because it’s cheaper. And it really works. But your friend really has to be very careful because it can damage the skin. Apple cider vinegar is a very strong substance and it can even leave a scar if used incorrectly. After a few nights of...